SoundHound Review

So, you’re walking through the department store, browsing through the clothes, looking for something exciting to wear. Overhead, music is casually playing. You are only half listening to it. You start tapping your foot to the beat as you’re searching the racks.

Shazam Review

Shazam is a new and innovative app for touch devices. It will listen to a song and identify it for you. You can then preview the track, purchase it, and download the lyrics straight to your phone. You can also save a 30 second preview and listen to it later.

Spotify Review

Here is another internet radio app. It is for US users only. In a way, this may be a good thing. Many internet radio apps advertise having millions of stations from all over the world. Sometimes, that can simply be too many options. Worse yet, many of those stations don’t even connect.

TuneIn Radio Review

TuneInRadio is an exciting Android application, which allows the user to listen to stations from across the globe. TuneIn contains 70,000 radio stations from across the world that can be streamed to a mobile device using the TuneInRadio application.

Google Play Music Review

Google and the Android platform seem to be synonymous with each other, so it is no wonder that Google has a music app for Android devices. Essentially, you can shop for music online through Google Play and listen to it instantly. All the music is stored online, so you won’t have to sync or store music.

SoundCloud Review

Here is another great music app. This one is completely different than all the others. This is a way to listen to new and upcoming artists. Therefore, if you are a new and upcoming artist, this is a great way to get your music out to the world. Essentially, you can connect and share music with SoundCloud.