tfsRadio Mexico

The simple app, tfsRadio Mexico, allows you to have all of your favorite music options applied to various functions on your mobile! The features of the app include the ability to record along with a multiple alarm clock which can be connected to any radio station in Mexico.

Amazon Music Review

Amazon MP3 is an application available for Android phones. It allows the user to store MP3s, as well as making download purchases from the Amazon website. This application makes use of the Amazon Empire, which is a dominant source of books, music, movies, and more.

Equalizer Review

As the name suggest, Equalizer is an app that will helps you to have a better sound on your device. This application seems to work very well, even making an unpleasant song verse more pleasant and lets the user take full advantage of device features.

iHeartRadio Review

The Android application iHeartRadio plays radio stations, allows users to create custom stations, as well as purchase songs heard via Amazon MP3. Is an American application, although unlike most American Android radio applications, this one can be used worldwide.

Spotify Review

Spotify gives you access to millions of songs. Like many streaming radio apps, it has a free version and a premium subscription version. If you especially like a song that is played, you can save it. This can be a useful feature because you can actually listen offline.