Virtual Instruments

xPiano Review

The xPiano interface consists of 4 octaves piano keyboard with additional 12 instruments that you can play on. You can create your own music samples as well as playing sample songs that comes pre-loaded within the Smartphone app.

Musical Piano FREE Review

Have you ever thought that playing a piano can be so easy and fun? With the introduction of apps it has become possible for the mobile users to play piano and have lots of fun. Now, it is not essential to purchase a piano for fulfilling your dreams. You can get this app and have a complete entertainment.

Magic Piano Review

With Magic Piano on your device, the pianist inside you emerges.
The home screen includes four buttons in the shape of a cloud:
-"Play" lets you play songs guided by lighted signals for rhythm, position and number of changeable notes. The multi-touch feature allows the user to press up to 5;

Bagpipe Review

Immerse yourselves in Scottish melodies and atmosphere with Bagpipe Free, a bagpipe simulator, the cousin of the zampogna.
This app allows you to play it, using “automatic blow” by pressing “start” or, by disabling automatic blow in the options, by blowing directly on the device’s microphone.

Xylophone Free Review

Xilophone Free is a xylophone simulator.
This application is very simple and the hoe screen depicts a xylophone with each key having a different colour and a different letter.
It is multi-touch for devices that support this feature and the sound quality is good when tested with earphones.

Virtual Flute Review

This application is for those who want to have another pocket-sized instrument.
This time it is a flute and this is a flute simulator.
The sound quality is good when tested with earphones, but the speed between one note and the next really is quite poor.

Congas Review

This application is a very simple Conga simulator.
The home screen depicts 2 conga with 18 great, professionally recorded sounds.
Excellent sound quality when tested with earphones.
The application is perfectly set up for use with Android device speakers.