Virtual Instruments

Virtual Guitar

There are a lot of guitar simulator in Google app store, some are nice, some other are pretty good, some are bad. As it's normal, in the end. But we're here to talk about one of those app that deserve to be download and tried.

Drum Set Review

Drum Set is an app that simulate the sound of a drum, as the name suggest, and does it in a very good way. It's impossible don't suggest to use headphone while you're using it, because if without it has a very good and clear sound, with your headphone on you will ear a HD sound.

Congas Review

Congas, as the name suggest, is a congas simulator, but if we want to be more precise, it's probably the best congas simulator that you can try totally for free on Google Play. The home screen is very simple and show just two congas, with 18 great and professionally recorded sounds.

xPiano Review

The xPiano interface consists of 4 octaves piano keyboard with additional 12 instruments that you can play on. You can create your own music samples as well as playing sample songs that comes pre-loaded within the Smartphone app.

Musical Piano FREE Review

Have you ever thought that playing a piano can be so easy and fun? With the introduction of apps it has become possible for the mobile users to play piano and have lots of fun. Now, it is not essential to purchase a piano for fulfilling your dreams. You can get this app and have a complete entertainment.

Bagpipe Review

Immerse yourselves in Scottish melodies and atmosphere with Bagpipe Free, a bagpipe simulator, the cousin of the zampogna.
This app allows you to play it, using “automatic blow” by pressing “start” or, by disabling automatic blow in the options, by blowing directly on the device’s microphone.