Country Music Ringtones Review

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Country Music Ringtones is a great app for people who love ringtones. In contrast to what the name implies it isn't just for people who like country music. There are many other genres of music that are featured in Country Music Ringtones. All that the user has to do is download this app and observe what a huge collection of country music and so many other types of music this app can provide. Country Music Ringtones has a mediocre level of search engine that allows the user to search for a ring tone that is basically sliced from a song of a famous artist.

Country and more
There is definitely a bit of work needed on the search engine of the app, still it supplies enough music that users will love the collection and the enormity of the popular music. Country Music Ringtones also features R&B, hip-hop, rock and reggae in addition to country music. Country Music Ringtones has received mixed feedbacks from the users. Some users are a little pissed off at the app because they don't like the search engine. However there are other users as well who are extremely impressed by the app, because it supplies ring tones that are actually parts of real songs, not just melody segments that are made in the tunes of songs. If the developers of Country Music Ringtones pay a little attention to the search engine, this app could definitely receive a lot more popularity. The people, who are impressed by Country Music Ringtones, are wondering about how an app could actually let users download music that is otherwise sold in albums. It's a valid question, actually these ringtones are sliced from actual songs by famous artists, and the songs are hit songs of their era.

How it works
However, the ringtone is still sliced, it's not the full song, that is why record companies give companies like the developers of Country Music Ringtones, writes to their songs, because they will not be featuring their songs in full. The people who love this app, have stated in the reviews that the collection of country music is really detailed, in fact it is more detailed than any other genre of music that Country Music Ringtones provides, and that is probably why this app is called country music ringtones. Some country music lovers however, are not satisfied with the collection of the country music that this app is providing. This is probably because people who listen to only country music need a much bigger collection of country music than what is being supplied by Country Music Ringtones.

Fial verdict
This genre is after all, a very big category of music in the United States. There are many country singers, and people who really love country music, have a specific taste of this genre, so they will be definitely looking for songs or artists that might not be listed in online country music databases. This tends to make those country music fans a little bit frustrated. Well maybe in the future the developers of Country Music Ringtones can think of some kind of a method by which there can be a larger variety of country music that is available to be sliced into ring tones.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013 - 08:45
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