K-LOVE Review

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K Love is an Android application designed to spread only a particular type of music. The K Love company is a radio station which encourages people to restore their faith in Jesus with the help of music. With this application you can now listen live to their songs, you can mark them as favorite and you can even buy them. If you missed the name of a song it’s not a problem because the application automatically saves the names of the last 5 songs played. We can say that this application is not for everyone, but for those of you who enjoy this type of music & culture it will work just fine.

Interface and graphics
The color combination is great. The dark blue background with thin orange and white accents will surely attract your attention. In the bottom side there are 5 buttons. The player button will switch to the radio player if pressed. If you hear a nice song playing you can easily mark it as favorite, using the ‘FAV’ button under the pause button. As I said before, you can also buy an album if you really like it. The ‘BUY’ button will show you the fastest way of obtaining what you want. The company is non-profit, so the application is free. You also have a lyrics button, so if you press it, the application will find the lyrics corresponding to the current song.

History & users verdict
In order to run this great application you need at least Android v1.5. The app has reached version 1.7 and has been last updated on February 14, 2013. With every update, more and more bugs are fixed and the application is becoming more and more stable. But not every user who rated it thinks the same. Based on only 46 ratings, the application scored a good 4.4 stars out of 5.0. More than 35 users rated it with the maximum number of stars, saying that it does its job brilliantly. But there are also a few unhappy users who blame the new update. They say that the application freezes every 2-3 minutes and they can do nothing. There is also a user saying that the music is not stopping even after closing the application. But everyone out there agreed that the quality of the music is the best. I’m pretty sure that K Love will try to fix all these issues on the upcoming versions, so that everyone can enjoy this application.

In the end
Overall, if you like artists like Chris Tomlin, Toby Mac or Third Day you will surely enjoy this application. Just try it on your Android phone, and if it doesn’t works, try some older version. Or you can wait for a newer version, because the app is updated once at two months or so. Try it, it’s free, and it will remain this way.

Last Update
- Updated K-LOVE logo & graphics
- Added geo-location services
- A few fixes to improve the listening experience

Educational Media Foundation
Release Date: 
Thursday, May 30, 2013
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Published Date: 
Tuesday, February 26, 2013 - 05:00
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